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About Company
"Want more traffic, links, subscribers, and a profit-generating website business? We gives you the solutions you need to succeed."

bThe way people find and discover information on the web is evolving and changing. In the first wave of the web we've seen information discovery grow from simple web directories to sophisticated search destinations. At Dazzle iMedia we believe that in the coming years information discovery will evolve even further, ushering an era where user like to find relevant information whenever and wherever that user is on-line because of time shortage due to busy life. We are building a platform and company to satisfy this shift.


If you’re really curious, we’ll tell you a bit about our company that started this whole thing. Remember, you asked for it.


Dazzle iMedia Pvt. Ltd. is the brainchild of CEO, Arviend Agarwal. Over the last decade, Arviend noticed how internet media was quickly becoming the new norm of business and daily life needs. He also saw ways it could be improved.


Combine the niche market with web technologies, making world more accessible, usable and effective.”

A combination of experience, focus, proven resources and deep skill sets means Dazzle iMedia is the go-to resource for a competitive edge through effective internet marketing solutions. Count on Dazzle iMedia to create a customized Internet marketing solution that helps deliver what you need – qualified prospects who become clients.

Our customers have always found an integrated business promotion solution more valuable than a simple web presence. Driven by this preference of our customers, we have built ourselves on the key pillars of smart people & smart solutions for business promotion. We have developed an integrated solution delivery framework which incorporates B2B marketplaces, internet technology and industry knowledge.

We're proud to be providing solutions & Services to the thousands of online entrepreneurs who rely on our Consultancy, Services, Products and Solutions every single year -- from the complete newbies to the top business experts on the Web today.

Who We Are

Dazzle iMedia, located in Pink city Jaipur, India, was established to support corporate and individuals by providing them total online business solutions. Offering services like Domains Registration, Web Hosting, Business Email, Websites, Email Marketing, Internet Marketing, Outsourcing, Scripts and Software Development and Business Apps.

Dazzle iMedia is a prominent and one of the leading companies of India in the ever-expanding fields of Web Design & Development, Software Development, Online Business Development, e-Commerce, Payment Gateway Solutions, and Search Engine Optimization.

Current state of play
e Registered Forum Members: 325,215
e Newsletter Subscribers (double opt-in): 210,124
e Total Customers: 158,845
e No. of Countries Sold to: 200
e Registered users of sample products: 1,23,365
 Audience Demographics
SitePoint visitors, subscribers, and customers have the following characteristics:
  • 75% are males, with 50% aged between 25 and 40.
  • 78% invest their own money in furthering their careers.
  • 40% have been online since 2002 or earlier.
  • 75% build web sites professionally for a living.
  • 45% rate their internet ability as advanced, 25% are experts.
  • 19% own their own businesses.
  • 79% influence the purchasing decisions of the company they work for or own.
  • 45% reside in the USA, Canada or the UK.